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Wannabe: Gaining some perspective

Small diversion:  What I didn’t really mention in the last post was that I had actually gotten the PsuedoPerspective working a bit better.  Let’s see what that looks like!

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The Definition of Good Software

In my mind, the definition of well-made software is this:  The absolute minimum required to get the job done. There’s a little agile in there, relating to software design minimalism.  That’s not what I’m getting at.  Whether you are developing … Continue reading

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Podcast Rotation

I just wanted to capture the current set of podcasts I listen to. I commute two hours a day, and this set keeps me lightly stocked — Sometimes I run out for a day or two, and I rarely fall … Continue reading

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Coolish: Mozilla Bespin

I know I’m late to the game, but I was looking over Mozilla Bespin — a web-based IDE with a surprising amount of features, including source control and syntax highlighting.  Right now, it’s all about web techs, with a strong … Continue reading

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