Wannabe: Gaining some perspective

Small diversion:  What I didn’t really mention in the last post was that I had actually gotten the PsuedoPerspective working a bit better.  Let’s see what that looks like!Actually, it was mostly the addition of the new RenderTypes to add sides (xxWithCabinetSides, solidWireSquare, etc).  PseudoPerspective added in the same hints for how big those sides are and boom!  Perspective.

Here’s some shots of what that looks like.  In them you’ll see some of the same rendering bugs pointed out at the end of the last post.  Also because we only sort by Z there are other new and exciting bugs any time elevations are rising.

perspective-heightmap-solid perspective-cube-solid perspective-testbed-solid perspective-testbed-single-solidWire

Next up: Lets see about some of those annoying rendering bugs.  How about removing some voxels, then?

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