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Wannabe: Gaining some perspective

Small diversion:  What I didn’t really mention in the last post was that I had actually gotten the PsuedoPerspective working a bit better.  Let’s see what that looks like!

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Wannabe: Advanced cubism

Continuing the Cabinet projection effort from the last post let’s see if we can close out issue #1 on github.  We need to add sides and make sure things look good under different circumstances.

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Wannabe: making a Cabinet

I’ve copied several of the issues from the last post into the github project’s issues list. Herein, I work on issue #1: A Cabinet (Projection).  Read on to see how we can make these little squares a little more cubey.

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The wannabe graphics engine

After recently getting an Ouya device, I got inspired to make a game.  Then I realized two things: I don’t have any skill with 3d, and I learn by doing. Here’s a quick guide to what I’ve done so far: wannabe, … Continue reading

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Android Development Quick-start

I’m trying to pick up a bit of Android development experience. Here’s some tips for getting started from scratch.  I have a lot to learn…

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The Clumsy Pattern: Software Development

I haven’t formulated exactly what I’m going to say, but I wanted to start a series on the Clumsy pattern in software development.  Don’t get excited, I’m neither adopting patterns as a beloved thing (that sentence needs its own post), … Continue reading

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Podcast Rotation

I just wanted to capture the current set of podcasts I listen to. I commute two hours a day, and this set keeps me lightly stocked — Sometimes I run out for a day or two, and I rarely fall … Continue reading

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Java Build Systems, Part 2: Maven

Continuing the Java build systems discussion, today I want to focus on Maven, what it does well and what it does that frustrates.  We’ll get a little taste of the minimum expectations for a new build system as well.  Note:  … Continue reading

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Maven + OSGi + Spring + JavaFX (+Ant)

We had to go through a number of steps to support the combination of Maven + OSGi + Spring + JavaFX-1.1 in our Swing-based application. This document describes all the steps and technology we’ve gone through to get it working.

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Java Build Systems, Part 1: What they do

Two recent posts on the java-weblog circuit spurred me to motion: Maven Adoption Curve (Alex Miller, coworker at MetaMatrix) Maven and Ivy (Ryan Senior, coworker at BJC) I was trying to think of the ideal build system.  I won’t pretend … Continue reading

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Wit: A Programmer's Best Tool

I was humbled this past week.  I went to an interview at a game company.  But I didn’t have my most valuable asset.

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Quick Guide to using Weak References in Java

Java’s WeakRef functionality is an easy way to handle a lot of data but not have to worry about running out of memory. Here is a quick guide and example of use. Continue reading

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