Podcast Rotation

I just wanted to capture the current set of podcasts I listen to. I commute two hours a day, and this set keeps me lightly stocked — Sometimes I run out for a day or two, and I rarely fall behind.

This is my current gold-standard set of podcasts:

Podcast / RSS LinkCategoryAverage LengthDescription
Major Nelson RadioGaming1:15 - 2:00Gaming podcast, focussed almost exclusively on the Xbox 360. Interviews and news.
IGN Games PodcastsGaming0:40 - 1:15I listen to the following podcasts from this RSS:
Game Scoop (all around gaming news)
Three Red Lights (ostensibly 360, often silly)
Nintendo Voice Chat (Wii / DS)
Command Prompt (PC Gaming)
IGN Entertainment PodcastsTelevision / Movies / Technology0:40 - 1:00I only currently listen to Channel Surfing, but occasionally there are other interesting podcasts
Bungie Podcast
Gaming1:30 - 2:00Bungie studios talking mostly about Halo. Note: Not bleeped, not filtered.
Anger, Sadness, Envy
Gaming1:15 - 1:45Rampancy.net's podcast discussing all things halo. Fun deep dives into story and gameplay.
The Dealnews PodcastTechnology, Consumer News0:40 - 1:00A medium-length, somewhat lighthearted take on tech news and product deals.
The Java PosseProgramming1:00 - 1:30Java and JVM news and sessions

Here are some podcasts I’ve just started listening to and am still evaluating:

Podcast / RSSCategoryAverage LengthDescription
This Week in AndroidMobile?News and interview regarding Android phones and OS. Just got started.
This Ain't Your Dad's JavaProgramming, JavaFX1:00 - 1:30News and comments about JavaFX
Librivox Community PodcastAudio Books?Community thoughts from the Librivox audio book site
NPR Science FridayScience and Technology?Segments from NPR's Talk of the Nation Science Fridays
NPR Talk of the NationNews?Segments from NPR's Talk of the Nation
Marketplace Morning ReportFinancial News0:08Short but dense financial news
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2 Responses to Podcast Rotation

  1. jprossjr says:

    Gripe: I can’t believe I had to register to post a damn comment!

    I’ve always been fascinated by how the non-tech public at large (aka the washed masses) learn about and digest technology news. To that end I am drawn to “mainstream” tech podcasts such as the “NPR: Technology Podcast” and “NYT Tech Talk”

    And for something completely different, try “The Ethicist” http://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/podcasts/cohen.xml

  2. pforhan says:

    I did that so you could have your precious jprossjr. Now you are forever immortalized.

    Thanks for the reminder about public radio shows, I forgot to add those before.

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