The Clumsy Pattern: Software Development

I haven’t formulated exactly what I’m going to say, but I wanted to start a series on the Clumsy pattern in software development.  Don’t get excited, I’m neither adopting patterns as a beloved thing (that sentence needs its own post), nor am I trying to establish a new industry term.  I’ll do a Clumsy Pattern post when I come across things that are so archaic or broken that they have no right still existing.

Another way of putting it is that I’m ashamed of the state of our industry, in these cases.  It may be inertia, or the teams I’m on, or anything, but I still have to fight it, understand it.  These things are what we should be laughing about, when talking about the bad old days.

I have some thing swirling in my head… part of this may be the continuation of the Java Build Systems posts I had earlier, and more.  Next two entries, I think: Java and ORM, Java and the Web.

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