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Good Luck, Mr. President

I just want to wish incoming President Obama all the best. He has made a lot of noise about changing the way things are done, and I hope he can stick to that. Along those lines, he has made a … Continue reading

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Game Review: Portal / Orange Box

My wife found a cheap copy of the Orange Box, from Valve.  It actually contains 3 full games (Half-life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal) and two large expansions for HL2 (ep. 1 & 2) — a lot of content. … Continue reading

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Internet 1, Pat 0

Of course, the $170/month internet doesn’t work. Turns out, Verizon claimed near 100% V-Cast (EVDO Rev.A) coverage of Sainte Genevieve county. They’re lying. While we were able to get a signal, we could never acquire a digital signal.

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Never underestimate the bandwidth…

I’m so excited. UPS says my Internet will arrive in a truck on Monday. It’s already at Nashville! Continue reading

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Chicago Arrival…

We made it safely to Chicago today.  We’re up on the 29th floor!  Pretty nice.  Thanks to Jim, Stacy, and everyone else who helped in the process of making Pat survive the big city!  By the way, no internet access … Continue reading

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