Internet 1, Pat 0

Of course, the $170/month internet doesn’t work. Turns out, Verizon claimed near 100% V-Cast (EVDO Rev.A) coverage of Sainte Genevieve county. They’re lying. While we were able to get a signal, we could never acquire a digital signal.

Accel Networks has got a couple of crack teams on it, including one over at Verizon. Chances are, they’ll ship me out antennas for a different carrier.  The experience is a bit disappointing in general… I was hoping they’d have a “best available” solution anyway, not one coded to a specific carrier (they deal with Altel, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon backbones).  But I know AT&T doesn’t have a 3G solution here, so I’m not expecting great things at this point.

And for $170 a month, it had better be great.  I mean, mind-blowing, heavy-duty.  It should, as a coworker puts it, rock my face.

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