Game Review: Too Human

Too Human is an action RPG for the XBox 360.  Sillicon Knights developed the title on-and-off for almost ten years.  The game combines features from several other well-known action RPGs.  To sum it up in a sentence, Too Human combines the frantic gameplay and hordes of enemies from the Diablo series with the weapon stylings and combos of Sega’s Phantasy Star Online.

Actually, there are a lot of stuff from PSO in there, including color-coded pickups and lots of statistics.  The story is compelling, based on Norse Mythology, but twisted up with technology.  Gameplay is fast and entertaining, with explosions and physics effects.

There is a healthy amount of problems with the game, though, including the chunky/clunky camera (well documented elsewhere) and a very slow menu system.  Death comes often (only one class has healing abilities) brings no penalties, but punishes you with a 40-second-long cutscene of a Valkyrie picking you up.  If the Valkyries are invulnerable, why aren’t they killing all the baddies.

Probably the worst part of the game was the feeling of being stranded.  The manual doesn’t have a lot of detail, and there is almost no in-game help.  And with all the statistics and modifiers you are dealing with, you are left confused often.

Pat’s Rating system:

  • How much would I pay for the game? You should buy this game if you see it for $40 or less.  Story, graphics, and gameplay are pretty good.  It has enough flexibility to cover several play styles, but if you really hated Diablo or the GameCube Phantasy Star Online, you may want to pass.
  • How many times would I replay it? At least twice.  The game is relatively short; IGN lists it at 12-15 hours, and even my casual play-style bears that out.  So, it’s a quick play, but the different classes have very unique styles to them, so you can replay without duplicating the experience.
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