Lost the Plot

This post is sparked by the recent SlashDot article: How Close Were US Presidential Elections?.  And the recent presidential and vice-presidential debates.  And listening to folks in general.  Just some observations regarding political beliefs and behavior:  people don’t listen to one another, people talk past one another, people ignore that which doesn’t fit their world-view.

The quality of “debates” on TV is incredibly low.  I suspect they are pretty bad in person, too, but at least you saw real humans.  VP or pres debates, things devolved into a contest of who could remember the most random facts.  There was no debate going on.  There was two people talking.  Oh, sure, they would occasionally respond to what the other said, but beyond a one-liner about disagreeing, they’d fall back into what they had memorized.

Likewise, the discussion on SlashDot is frustrating.  You have a lot of people completely ignoring what the others are saying, or at best giving a “X is not what caused Y, Z is” and going on from there.  No one takes a balanced view, allowing that X and Z both are causes of Y, or stepping back and looking at the big picture.  Well, there are some, but you could count them on two… fingers.

Don’t get caught up in the hype.  Take a step back, learn some facts, and make a decision based on wisdom.  And for the love of monkeys, don’t buy the line that there is some vast difference between the two parties.  This comment on the above story is pretty descriptive of why.

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