I’m on a Mac: Utilities you need to survive

Several utilities that make life bearable on the mac:

  • KeyRemap4MacBook — awesome way to make sensible keyboard changes.  Recommend the following settings:
    • Change Eject Key / Eject to Forward Delete
    • Change Fn Key / Fn+letter to Control_L+Letter (note: I use MacOS’s keyboard changes to change Control keys to Command keys)
    • Custom Shortcuts / Hold Command+Q to Quit Application
    • And my own private.xml file, with Change Cmd+H to Ctrl+H (For Eclipse), and remap Alt-F4 to Command+Q (not that I love windows, but I don’t want quitting to be easy)
  • Stay — $15, but worth it if you move between different monitor configurations.
  • Airfoil — $25, if you want to use AirPlay with external programs like Pandora or Spotify.
  • Jumpcut — clipboard history
  • Disk Inventory X — find out where your disk space is going
  • Bigger names, all cross-platform: Songbird, Firefox, Chrome, Steam, etc.
  • Finally, VirtualBox, so I can use real operating systems when I need them.
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