Googly Nexus One — Pricing and Plan breakdown

While looking around for an online loan amortization creator (nice one here), I came across a Google ad for the Nexus One, the “Google phone” that there’s been much buzz about.  Apparently, it just came out today, while the great Snomaggeddon blankets the world (or at least Missouri) and I’ve been oblivious.

I had just been pricing out Android phones at T-Mobile last month, so I was a bit interested.  Here’s a quick breakdown of the options, buy-first, or 2-year contract:

Phone T-Mobile Plan Phone Cost Monthly Cost 2 years of monthly Total cost after 2 years
myTouch 3G Even More  500 (subsidized) $150 $70 $1680 $1830
myTouch 3G Even More Plus 500 $400 $60 $1440 $1840
Nexus One Even More  500 (subsidized) $180 $80 $1920 $2100
Nexus One Even More Plus 500 $530 $60 $1440 $1970

You’ll notice the subsidized plans are not the same — the Nexus’ plan includes unlimited text messages.  If they allowed you to drop that, the subsidized Nexus 2-yr price would be about $1860, not too bad.  I kinda doubt they’d let you drop that, though.

Also, I’m a bit curious what the plans look like family-style.  Again, can you change the Nexus plan to be a family plan?  A casual glance generally shows a 750 minute minimum, and another $20 baseline, and $10 per extra phone.

And finally, some crazy folks propose dropping voice altogether, and going data-only, for an apparent $40 / month + a Skype subscription for $3 a month.

Recently, our AT&T GSM reception at home has improved from 0 to 1 or 2 bars… I wonder how T-Mobile would perform?

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