Game Review: Puzzle Quest, Challenge of the Warlords

Puzzle Quest totally rocks! Here’s my review.

See an overview of the game here. Download at least the demo now. This is the second entry on my “must-buy” list of things on XBLA, along with Assault Heroes. (Is it weird that I haven’t bought anything on my must-buy list? Editor’s note:  I’ve purchased both since.) The game is also available for PC, DS, and PSP, and is slated to arrive on Wii, PS2, and Cell phones.

It’s like a two-player Bejeweled, with each player taking turns on the same board trying to make at least 3 gems in a row. If you knock out four in a row, you get another turn right away. The gems you clear away will either give you mana for spells or do damage to your opponent. When you have enough mana, you can choose to cast spells on yourself or your opponent with a variety of effects.

Add to that some RPG elements like a lightweight story, equippable items, and character improvement, and you have a rockin’ time. Try it today!


Pat’s Rating system:

  • How much would I pay for the game? Oh, probably in the $30 range would be my upper limit. Thankfully, it is only $10-15 on XBLA, so that is well within reason. But should I wait for the Wii version? (Editor’s note:  No, the controls and UI are terrible)
  • How many times would I replay it? Repeatedly. The demo doesn’t save your progress and only has a 30-minute storyline, and it limits you to level 7, but I’ve played through it 3 times. Add multiplayer and XBL-multiplayer and you’ve got something.

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