Great game music…

I have a large mix of games, many of the recent additions from yon Humble Indie Bundle.  The great thing about Humble is you always get access to game soundtracks, so there’s a lot of top-quality music available.  Here’s some of my favorites.

I recently stripped out all of my music for space purposes.  Well, all of it except for my game soundtracks.  And Tron and Tron Legacy, but those are still nerdy enough.  I mix them all up, but there are several that just keep coming to my attention for their quality and distinctiveness.

Click the game title for a Wikipedia entry on the game, the next link to jump to the soundtrack.



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2 Responses to Great game music…

  1. dimitris says:

    And do not forget Raptor: Call Of Shadows.

  2. Patrick says:

    I should dig that up, never played that one.

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