I Love Apple


I love apple.  You?  Apple very Square, yet not square!  Tasty, and not tasty.

And so on.  Here are some very quick impressions from almost two days.

  • Square
    • Fun, fast-paced.
    • Cramped in the current SF office, moving soon.
    • Growing very fast.
    • Very awesome food.
  • Macbook
    • (I’ll have to do a detailed post on this…)
    • Missing lots of keys
    • Unintelligible key combo hints in menu
    • Edges are a bit sharp
    • OS is so-so, very stuck on WIMP,I’m surprised there’s not more innovation here
    • Touchpad is enormous.  And borderline non-functional.
    • I’ve got Ubuntu in a VirtualBox and I’m loving it.
  • Intellij Idea
    • In one singular case (extract method), it actually seemed smarter than Eclipse.
    • The rest, surprisingly so-so.
    • Missing flyovers of, well, everything.  Sometimes a man likes to hover without touching anything.
    • Wildly misleading web documents for Mac users.
    • Manages to have more property pages than Eclipse.
    • Is getting replaced by Eclipse soon, perhaps this evening.
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