House of Cats comms

We’re set up on line with about 4 members — you’ll need a mobile number for that, and then further you’ll need to set up a line id if you want anyone to find you.  I haven’t figured that part out yet.  The android app keeps crashing on me, so I’m using the chrome version.

Superto is Gastronomy and comes up Gasoline when you search.  I’m TrinOKor but this is just a screen name and not a user ID so you can’t search for it.

Discord: — no app needed if on a laptop.  If on mobile, download the app first, then follow the above link.  If you already have a discord account, then open the app, select join server, then enter yXh7jJC and you’re in.

I track House of Cats activity on google docs — House of Cats player activity.